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Best Walk in Lleida | Spain [4K]

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2021 year.
Lleida is a city located in Catalonia, Spain, with plenty of outdoor activities for nature lovers. One of the best walks in the city is the Rambla de Ferran, a beautiful promenadewalk surrounded by trees, gardens, and historical buildings. The walk starts at the Pont Vell, a medieval stone bridge over the Segre River, and ends at Plaça Ricard Viñes, where you can admire the magnificent La Seu Vella, a stunning cathedral built on a hilltop. Along the way, you'll also find numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants where you can stop and rest while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the city.


Avatar image of @user-pw9tl3xx8x @user-pw9tl3xx8x Успел соскучиться по познавательным экскурсиям, хорошей музыке, классной картинке. Приятные шрифты. Со вкусом сделаны даже приглашение к подписке и колокольчик :). Ролик, который приятно смотреть
Avatar image of @albertbatlle5042 @albertbatlle5042 Lleida my town😊 I live in Lleida since 1977...Happy to see my city looks nice...thank you for the video
Avatar image of @kamranmirxa7051 @kamranmirxa7051 Lovely and amzing walk in Llieda❤️
Avatar image of @user-ke4jw4ru2x @user-ke4jw4ru2x Absolutely loved it!❤
Avatar image of Wow! Great video. Thanks so much!
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