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Walking to Barrika, Gorlitsa, Pentzia | North of Spain [4K]

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Town Pentzia in the province of Vizcaya of the autonomous community of Basco country. There are only 4,300 residents here according to 2018 data.
It is a resort town with a large beach at the mouth of the river. The bay has the shape of a shell and is separated by two more towns, Gorlitsa and Barrika. The place is very popular with wealthy Bilbao residents who buy houses here for their summer holidays and weekends.

Barrica Beach in the Vizcaya province of the Basco Country Autonomous Community.
This wild beach, 600 meters long, is 25 kilometers from Bilbao. The highlight of this place is the twisted stone staircase that meanders directly to the beach. It is considered ideal for surf lovers.


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