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Walking tour Luarca | North of Spain [4K]

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Luarca is a small coastal town in Asturias, in northern Spain, almost on the border with Galicia. This town is the birthplace of Nobel Laureate North Ochoa hispanic American biochemist who received the Nobel Prize in 1959 for discovering the mechanisms of RNA and DNA biosynthesis. Let’s go to see this place with me.


Avatar image of @RobDavisTelford @RobDavisTelford I love Luarca, we have had our motorcycle holidays there 2014-2018, we could not go this year becaue of the virus. But we hope to return in 2021. Thanks for this video, it shows Luarca very well.
Avatar image of @angeleslopez1918 @angeleslopez1918 👌👌👌👌😘😘🇪🇸
Avatar image of @CHRIS-gr9tl @CHRIS-gr9tl That’s it last name luarca I wonder where it comes from
Avatar image of @TatianaZappa @TatianaZappa The same video in 🇷🇺 Russian (видео на 🇷🇺 русском)
Avatar image of @user-ke4jw4ru2x @user-ke4jw4ru2x Absolutely loved it!❤
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