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Walking Ribadesella ❤️ North Coast of Spain | Asturias Travel Vlog [4K]

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The village of Ribadesella is the capital of a municipality surrounded by mountains, beaches and cliffs. It is interesting to know that in the urban town centre there are many attractive places to visit, in fact, this council has been awarded the title of Touristic Excellence to 1997. Apart from enjoying this patrimony and local culture, it is easy to visit the beaches, cliffs and natural views because they are all very close to the urban town centre. To walk down Ribadesella is to enjoy a long but joyful stroll, with many interesting points.

Principado de Asturias as it's known to the locals is still so strictly Spanish, full of tradition, culture and an incredible lifestyle... there's also an insane amount of things to do, beaches, coast, nature and more.

Northern Spain Tours should be the next thing you Google, find a way to get here soon!


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