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Walking tour Villaviciosa | North of Spain [4K]

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We are now in the town of Villaviciosa. We continue to study Asturias, northern Spain. The area around the city is called the apple land, because there are a lot of around apple orchards and cider factories. Let's go around the city and see it.


Avatar image of @user-fs1cb6nb2z @user-fs1cb6nb2z Класс,Татьяна!!! Недавно были в Астурии и в Villaviciosa в том числе.
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Avatar image of @user-ke4jw4ru2x @user-ke4jw4ru2x Absolutely loved it!❤
Avatar image of Wow! Great video. Thanks so much!
Avatar image of @imanolsenderos9427 @imanolsenderos9427 Amazing video, thanks for sharing :)
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