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Oil Seascape of Ribadesella | North of Spain [4K]

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Today I paint the seascape "Boat" from Ribadesella. I use oil paints. The whole process took me two days and four hours (the first layer of oil dried out for two days).

Walking tour Ribadesella ➡️

We start with the sketch. We sketch the boat, trees and houses on the horizon. After that, we can start painting with oil. I started from the sky on the horizon and smoothly enhancing the color passed to the sky. Then I paint objects on the horizon and the boat.

Remember that when we work with oil, first we paint dark details, and then light ones.

By the same principle, we paint the sea. After two days of waiting, we begin to apply a second layer of oil. We detail the boat, paint water waves and reflections. And do not forget to sign your creation.

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