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New videos about Portugal coming soon [4K]

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Travel and explore the north of Portugal with me. Ancient castles and majestic fortresses, stormy waves and green landscapes, monumental city architecture and much more. Watch new videos soon on my channel!


Avatar image of @WalkingSpain @WalkingSpain Tengo pendiente una visita a Oporto, así que estaré esperando ansioso los videos
Avatar image of @user-ke4jw4ru2x @user-ke4jw4ru2x Absolutely loved it!❤
Avatar image of Wow! Great video. Thanks so much!
Avatar image of @imanolsenderos9427 @imanolsenderos9427 Amazing video, thanks for sharing :)
Avatar image of @sandeeptanwer3177 @sandeeptanwer3177 Very nice video
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